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Combating Resistance

Antimicrobial resistance represents a greater threat for morbidity and mortality than any other form of patient safety risk in medicine.

In this series, Dr. Dan Sexton and his esteemed faculty teach clinicians how to detect, treat, and prevent six organisms or bacteria that may represent as much as 80% of the antimicrobial resistance problems encountered in hospitals every day.

Moderated By:
Daniel Sexton, MD, FACP
Professor of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine
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Expert Practice Series Presentations
Amy Weintrob, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS), Infectious Disease Clinical Research Program of USUHS
Deverick Anderson, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Duke University Medical Center
Donald P. Levine, MD
Professor, Wayne State University
Anthony D. Harris, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Maryland
David P. Calfee, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Mount Sinai Hospital
Robert Bonomo, MD
Professor of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University
Followup Survey
Daniel J. Sexton, MD, FACP
Director, Duke Infection Control Outreach Network, Professor of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine
Latest Comments
"It would be interesting to see the growth progression (graph) of CA-MRSA [differentiated by resistance strains] compared to HA-MRSA.
Although I am not an infectious disease specialist I have seen a fairly large number of these CA-MRSA cases. Thought the 'standard' for care is clulture & sensativity - it appears that there are 'soft' clinical clues to CA-MRSA skin infections. They develop more rapidly than anticipated; they are more painful than anticipated; and they appear more involved (deeper) than anticipated - in most cellulitis / abcess cases."
Alfred Cichon, PA
"Excellent presentation - very practical information
One concern - here as in other infectious issues - is the outpatient component which is the pool for the hospital admissions.
A similar presentation regarding community resources and management may well be as useful"
Alfred Cichon, PA
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