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Practical Ethics in Pain Management

Physicians who treat pain are becoming progressively more aware of some of the ethical shortcomings in the field, and how they affect both patients and physician practice. In response, Michael Schatman, PhD, has assembled the world’s premier faculty for this landmark course in practical ethics in pain for you, the busy QuantiaMD member.

Moderated By:
Michael E. Schatman, PhD, CPE
Executive Director, Foundation for Ethics In Pain Care
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Expert Practice Series Presentations
Michael E. Schatman, PhD, CPE
Executive Director, Foundation for Ethics In Pain Care
Michael E. Schatman, PhD, CPE
Executive Director, Foundation for Ethics In Pain Care
Lisa C. Campbell, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, East Carolina University
Richard A. Deyo, MD, MPH
Internist, Kaiser-Permanente Endowed Professor of Evidence Based Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University
Michel Y. Dubois, MD, DABPM
Professor of Anesthesiology, NYU School of Medicine
Knox H. Todd, MD, MPH, FACEP
Professor and Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Kathy L Hahn, PharmD, DAAPM, CPE
Affiliate Faculty, Oregon State University College of Pharmacy, Pharmacy Manager, Bi-Mart Corp., Chair, Oregon Pain Management Commission, American Academy of Pain Management Board of Directors
Jennifer Bolen, JD
Founder, the Legal Side of Pain, The Bolen Group
Gregory T. Carter, MD, MS
Clinical Professor, School of Medicine, University of Washington
John F. Peppin, DO, FACP
Associate Medical Director, Hospice of the Bluegrass, Associate Clinical Faculty, College of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky
Latest Comments
"Good point. But, patients are being made to believe these relationships are wrong, and thus corrosive to care. That then undermines or potentially does the clinical relationship.

We know the reality, but when media, like news outlets put out lists of docs and the relationships with pharma, then try to imply this is a problem. The tempest in a teapot causes less savvy types to think there is a fire beneath the fake smoke. Academics love to highlight this suggesting the font of knowledge of med schools is the only area of trust worthy information and wisdom. (Your comments suggest otherwise, by the way, so thanks)"
Michael J. Brennan, MD
Senior Attending Physician, Department of Medicine, Bridgeport Hospital, Connecticut
"I work in the correction setting and this is a constant struggle in our setting thank you great information"
Brenda Tilton, CNP
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