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Understanding and Preparing for ICD-10

Compared to the 17,000 codes in ICD-9, ICD-10 contains more than 141,000 codes for diagnoses and procedures. This represents an unprecedented challenge for hospitals, practices, and payers to become familiar with the new standard, implement it in their organizations, and educate their staff. And time is ticking: As the US is one of the few countries yet to adopt ICD-10, HHS has mandated that all medical coders and billers must use this standard by October 2014. This Expert Practice Series addresses key topics in updating your organization for the coming switch.

Moderated By:
Melody Mulaik, MSHS, RCC, PCS, FCS, CPC, CPC-H
President, Coding Strategies, Inc.
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Expert Practice Series Presentations
Jenny Studdard, CPC, CPCO, RCC, and AHIMA Certified ICD-10-CM Trainer
Senior Consultant, Coding Strategies, Inc.
Sandy Giangreco, RHIT, CCS, CPC-I, PCS
Former Director of Consulting, Coding Strategies, Inc.
Melody Mulaik, MSHS, RCC, PCS, FCS, CPC, CPC-H
President, Coding Strategies, Inc.
Karna W. Morrow, CPC, RCC, CCS-P
AHIMA ICD-10 Approved Trainer, Coding Strategies, Inc.
Cindy Parman, CPC, CPC-H, PCS, RCC
Principal, Coding Strategies, Inc.
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"The rest of the world does not require that Docs use this monstrosity to be paid. That's the KEY difference! It is used for research and public health tracking elsewhere."
James Peterzell, DO, MPH
Family Practitioner, Urgent Care Xpress
"I have 2 days without office. I'll have plenty of time to code. I may starve, but what the heck. It's going to be such fun!"
Paul Lemaitre, MD
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