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What Physicians Need to Know to Prevent Stroke

Join stroke leaders for an in-depth look into the recent AHA/ASA guidelines for the primary prevention of stroke, with an emphasis on the practice recommendations regarding modifiable, well-documented risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, atrial fibrillation, carotid disease, diet and sodium intake, physical activity, smoking, and alcohol.

Moderated By:
Ralph L. Sacco, MS, MD, FAAN, FAHA
Olemberg Family Chair in Neurological Disorders, and Executive Director, Evelyn McKnight Brain Institute, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami
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Expert Practice Series Presentations
Ralph L. Sacco, MS, MD, FAAN, FAHA
Olemberg Family Chair in Neurological Disorders, Miller Professor of Neurology, Public Health & Epidemiology, Human Genetics, & Neurosurgery, and Executive Director, Evelyn McKnight Brain Institute, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami; and Past President, AHA
Clinton Wright, MD, MS
Scientific Director, Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute, University of Miami
Philip B. Gorelick, MD, MPH, FACP
Medical Director, Hauenstein Neuroscience Center, Saint Mary’s Health Care; and Professor, Department of Translational Science & Molecular Medicine, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
Mitchell S. V. Elkind, MD, MS, FAAN, FAHA
Associate Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology, Fellowships Director, Department of Neurology, Columbia University
Larry B. Goldstein, MD, FAAN, FAHA
Professor of Medicine (Neurology), and Director, Duke Stroke Center, Duke University
Tatjana Rundek, MD, PhD
Professor of Neurology, Epidemiology and Public Health, and Director, Clinical Translational Research Division, Department of Neurology, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami
Lawrence J. Appel, MD, MPH
Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology and International Health (Human Nutrition), Director, Welch Center for Prevention, Epidemiology and Clinical Research, The Johns Hopkins University
Joshua Z. Willey, MD, MS
Assistant Professor of Neurology, and Associate Program Director, Neurology Residency Program, Columbia University
Dawn Kleindorfer, MD
Professor, Department of Neurology, University of Cincinnati
Latest Comments
"this is a great pie chart.Where can I find it?

I would like it to keep in my office to show patients"
Jyotsana Raygor, MD
Physician, Kaiser Permanente
"Many stroke patients end up with peg tubes and are on continuous feeds. 

Will their triglycerides always be high  due to these feeds ?

And if so does this need to be treated?"
Muhammad Mohyuddin, MD
Family Practitioner, Columbus, GA
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