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The Importance of Health Information Technology in Your Organization

Information technology is a vital component of every aspect of health care, and you need to ensure your organization is up-to-date in order to thrive in the new landscape. From governance and quality to meaningful use and patient safety, QuantiaMD’s experts help you navigate the waters of healthcare IT.

Michael Bakerman, MD, FACC, MMM, FACP
Senior Medical Director, Clinovations
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Expert Presentations
Michael Bakerman, MD, FACC, MMM, FACP
Senior Medical Director, Clinovations, Hospitalist, UMass Memorial
Michael Bakerman, MD, FACC, MMM, FACP
Senior Medical Director, Clinovations, Hospitalist, UMass Memorial
Kevin Fickenscher, MD
President / Founder, CREO Strategic Solutions, LLC
John Frownfelter, MD, FACP
Senior Medical Director, Amatihealth, Minneapolis, MN
John Frownfelter, MD, FACP
Chief Medical Information Officer, Amatihealth, Minneapolis, MN
Latest Comments
"Great presentation.What about private practitioners who don't use EHR?Is rhere any legal barriers to mandate interoperability between EMRS."
Biby Manimala, Rph
"I work with a state psychiatric hospital system and sometimes we accept patient from remote areas of our state which are located several hours from our hospital. By using tele-health, we are able to determine if the patient meets commitment criteria  before they are transported to our hospital rather than law enforcement having to transport the patient several hours  to the hospital and then several hours back to the point of origin when/if the patient is deemed to not meet commitment criteria and is deferred back into the community."
James Varner, MD
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